So far so good

Beginning my third week in Asheville and so far so good.

Life on the home front is going well- the house hasn’t burnt down and have there been any major catastrophes so I think we’re on the right foot.  It has been amazing getting to know my five other housemates. Even though we are still settling in to our work environments and the city, we have managed to make our home the ideal retirement community.  Dinner by 6, a little tv or movie watching afterwards, and porch sitting. So much porch sitting! I love it. We are also coming into my second favorite season (second to winter) so porch sitting with a warm blanket, hot cup of hot chocolate, coffee, cider, or donut in hand is simply the best. Asheville is going to be so beautiful in the fall! I’ve been on the Parkway a few times now for either an exploratory drive or hike and it is stunning. No wonder people come to Asheville to retire.

I’ve been easing in to work as well. My supervisor, Stephanie, has done a great job helping me settle in to my work at Habitat. This week I will be learning, and soon taking over, the Volunteer Hub (where Volunteers go to sign up to volunteer for Habitat) and other data entry things regarding the volunteers time at Habitat. I’m getting excited for it all!

I’m also super pumped that a friend of mine from school (cough cough Rita) just moved to Asheville!! I’ll be sharing some photos from our hikes and other adventures together soon!

My mom is coming to town this Thursday so look for a post early next week about her trip here!




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