4 thoughts on “Photos

  1. Emily, so your blog address at Third Church FB page. Cool! Love Asheville! Growing up in Chipley FL, we would go to Montreat nearby almost every summer. One time found a working whiskey still in the surrounding mountains. Got out of there safely! When we wanted to go to the big city, we’d go to Asheville.

    A former associated pair of Third lives in Asheville now. Her name is Laura Collins. Bright and feisty! You’d like her. All the best in your YAV year! Ralph Carter


    • Hi Ralph! Asheville is amazing so far! I haven’t been up to Montreat yet but hopefully will get there this weekend.
      I’ll keep Laura’s name in mind. I’ve discovered so many connections to Asheville from Rochester and Wooster (where I just graduated).

      Thank you!! It’s cool to think that people are actually reading my posts!


  2. Emily! So glad I ran across this. I served as a YAV in Alaska in the 90s, and I still hear from the program from time to time. It sounds like you are in for a great year! My family is currently east of you on the NC coast in Wilmington. If we get out there for a Montreat thing, or to visit the mountains, how do we look you up? We are on facebook…
    Many Blessings,
    Aaron Doll


    • Hi Aaron! Sorry for my late response.. this comment slipped past me. But that’s awesome! It is funny how many people I have met that were once YAVs. One of my roommates is from Wilmington. Sounds like a beautiful place to be. Please contact me if your family comes to Asheville! I would love to connect with you. I’ll message you my number on facebook.



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